My price in Dubai:

2000 AED for a session up to 1 hour. NO DISCOUNTS!


I love french Kissing

Oral both ways, also deepthroating.

I’m top and bottom. I’m mostly top, but I also like to bottom.

I always get an erection. It never fails.

I will open the door wearing stockings, sometimes swimwear, sometimes totally naked, but always wearing my red soled Louboutin shoes. I wear them all the time, even during sex. Unless you want me to take them off.

I don’t record sessions without consent. You can clearly see on my videos that the clients know they are being filmed and no face is shown.  I take your privacy very seriously.

I’m very experienced with begginers. So, if you never had the pleasure to be bottom I will be pleased to introduce you to this experience. And the best: WITHOUT PAIN! I have a very special technique on how to do it and I’m very patient with begginers. You just won’t believe that you’ve managed to get me all inside of you :-)

I like passionate sex with a lot of kissing and body contact.

I love changing positions. It’s never boring with me. Get ready to move a lot!

I’m naturally dominant, but I’m not into beating, slapping, humiliating and such things.

I can cum but I don’t offer it as a service. I only like to cum when I don’t feel pressured to. If I feel like cumming I will and I won’t charge you any extra for that.

I don’t mind body hair (in fact I love it) so, if you like to shave, good, but don’t need to do it because of me. I also love beards!

Please don’t spit on my cock, I hate it!

I love rimming but I’m extremely picky when it concerns putting my mouth in somebody’s ass. I will do it probably with one out of a hundred.

I mostly don’t do couples, because I’m not into women. But I may do it when the female only wants to watch or when she is really hot :-)

Like I said before, I’m not into woman, therefore I won’t be providing services for crossdressers. I need you to look like a man in order to get myself turned on.

I’m not into things like golden shower or scat.

I don’t wear leather costumes.

I don’t do drugs. I don’t mind if you do, but I will just watch. Don’t expect me to join you.

I work only until around 11pm. I don’t work late night (exceptions on weekends)

I’m a very easy going person and I have ZERO attitude. I treat my clients with respect and I make them feel like a date and not like a customer.